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Fresh Strawberry Cake ♥

Posted on: February 14, 2011

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Mattea finishing her dissertation, and Mitra visiting me this weekend, I attempted to bake a two-layer fresh strawberry cake.  But Mitra and I ran into two minor glitches.  Possibly because this was our first attempt as adults at a cake from scratch.

The first that the owner of this cake recipe (a self-proclaimed foodie bride) didn’t appear to have a frosting recipe listed, so we borrowed this one.  Then we found that she had hidden the icing recipe in her comments.  By that time, we had already committed to our back-up.  She also calls for almond extract in her frosting, which I don’t have.  Upon further evaluation, her icing is similar to wedding cake icings.  But I would recommend staying away from buttercream or cream cheese based frostings for this cake – it’d just simply be too rich with either of those.  Butter or shortening icings are great.

Foodie bride wanted us to wrap the cake pans in tin foil on the outside. I believe this was to prevent the edges and bottoms of the cakes from burning, but don't have that confirmed.

Mitra separating those eggs like a pro - only the creamy whites for our cake!

The second was a fail to plan, plan to fail moment.  Although foodie bride asks us to puree 24 oz. (2 lbs) of strawberries, she didn’t intend for us to use all of it in the cake batter.  Instead, just about 3/4 of a cup will do. Did I look back at the recipe to check this?  Nope.  In went 2 cups of strawberries.

Just before the moment of no return. I think they call this dramatic irony.

The fate of this cake is sealed: it will carry the burden of more than twice that amount of strawberries intended. And it will do it well. P.S. Check out my mom's old school mixer.

So our batter was a little more dense and took about 15 minutes longer to bake in the oven.

Two cakes will become one.

Thus, we didn’t have any strawberry puree to use between the layers of the cake (but I wonder would that have caused the layers to slip apart?).  We layered on the frosting between the cake layers instead.  Don’t worry, though.  Extra yummy with all that homemade love.  Especially with the sprinkle job.  Chocolate sprinkles patted onto the sides, pink sugar crystals on top.  Mitra, Mattea, Natalie and I dined like queens.

The whole cake.

Love the look of the double layer!

In our other time during the weekend, we explored.  Whoever says that the Midwest doesn’t have its moments is wrong.  Check out these snow kingdom relics.

A comfy snow lounge chair in the middle of downtown Champaign? Of course. It even had a back cushion!

The bikini snowman was an instant hit. We pulled over for a quick picture. (Edited with Instagram iPhone app!)

Overall, it was an awesome weekend.  Happy Valentines Day, everyone! ♥

Quote of the week: “I don’t believe in low-fat cooking.” – Nigella Lawson (1960-)


3 Responses to "Fresh Strawberry Cake ♥"

Mmm looks so good! And I love the bikini snowman. Sounds like a great visit! MWUAH! Miss you!

Such a great visit. Thanks girl! That first picture is beautiful! I also might steal that old school mixer from you.

That looks delicious! (I’m talking about the snowman). Miss you!

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