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Blueberry Lime Pie, Bacon-Wrapped Scallops, Blueberries & Tilapia

Posted on: July 12, 2010

For this lemon blueberry pie recipe, I made a few changes that completely changed the look and taste of the pie.  First, I substituted lime zest (grated limes) and lime juice instead of lemons and lemon juice because that’s what I had on hand.

Lime base while thickening.

Blueberry (boiling) and lime (cooling) sections. You can see the lime zest!

I also like my pies with top shells, but the base of this pie has several eggs in it and poses a quiche-like outcome if I chose to bake the pie. So I baked the top shell separately on top of an oven-safe pot cover and baked it alone in the oven.  Then I removed it and placed it on top of the pie.

Completed pie. Now into the fridge!

This recipe took time.  I pre-baked the crust (10 min.), stirred the lime mixture (20 min.), boiled the blueberries (15 min.), waited for both layers to cool before combining (10 min.), baked the top shell (10 min.), and then put it in the fridge to congeal (4 hours).

The result was a key lime pie base with a blueberry filling top, and very rich.  The recipe calls for 6 eggs, which create the richness, and a ton of sugar, which adds to it.  I found myself giving away slices to at least five people just to get it out of my fridge!

My second recipe this week was balsamic-soaked bacon-wrapped scallops with water chestnuts.  This is another full-bodied dish.  Although Rachel Ray calls for six huge scallops, I used medium-sized scallops and just made more of them.  I also didn’t have fresh ginger on hand, so I used about a teaspoon of ginger powder (because powder is always more potent than the real ingredient).

I pre-soaked the scallops, but only for 10 minutes.  Scallops can easily be ruined by over-marination, so whereas a tough steak should soak overnight, scallops only need a quick rinse.

Scallops soaking.

Next, I cut the bacon and placed water chestnuts on them, then wrapped the scallops.

Bacon ready for the scallops. I used wooden toothpicks to wrap them, and sometimes had to really stretch the bacon around to pin it.

I drizzled some of the marination over and then put them in the oven and turned them after 5 minutes.  I actually cooked them for about 19 minutes instead of 10 because I really wanted the bacon cooked.

Into the oven!

When I took them out, I covered them in cracked pepper and served four per plate.  Ultimate decadence.

Serving display.


  • Drink: Red wine
  • Main: Bacon-wrapped scallops
  • Side/dessert: A pluot

It’s blueberry season.  I went out on a limb and tried this savory blueberry sauce on tilapia.  Similar to the blueberry mixture found in the pie recipe above, this recipe called for the addition of chives, balsamic vinaigrette, and chicken broth.  I wasn’t sure how the flavors would blend together.

Blueberries and chives, which you couldn't really taste. I think there were too many types of flavors competing with each other.

While the mixture was coming together on the stove (about 20 minutes) thanks to Mitra’s stirring, I placed the tilapia in the oven to bake.

Multitasking in the kitchen!

Final dish. Although it looks great, I don't think I would repeat this recipe for the sauce. It just seemed confused.

  • Drink: Red wine
  • Main: Blueberry sauce over tilpaia
  • Vegetable: Asparagus with lime juice
  • Carb: Basmati white rice

Mitra and me ready to eat.

This upcoming week is the last one that I’ll spend in this D.C. kitchen!

Thought for the week: Blueberry Hill by Fats Domino from 1956


1 Response to "Blueberry Lime Pie, Bacon-Wrapped Scallops, Blueberries & Tilapia"

The dinner was creative but I prefer my blueberries in muffins! Kristen, with that awesome camera of yours you need to start taking pics of your meals out. Taste of Chicago??

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