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Quesadillas & Guacamole

Posted on: June 23, 2010

The recipe for apple chicken quesadillas made me raise an eyebrow.  It glossed over the preparation time for a) boiling corn (which I had never done before) and b) cooking the chicken before making the quesadillas, but I decided to go for it – entirely from scratch.  And I decided to make my friend Caitlin’s guacamole recipe, too.  And bake cookies.

Note: I’m actively trying to improve cooking several dish recipes simultaneously, with the ultimate acrobatic feat being Thanksgiving dinner (years from now).  A helpful tool to help with timing: online stop-watch.

I started by baking some store-made Tollhouse turtle cookies (not everything was homemade) while I boiled corn on the cob, instead of buying canned, for the quesadillas.

Corn boiling.

Then I moved to chopping onion, Roma tomatoes, avocado, and garlic for the guacamole.  I minced fresh garlic cloves, for which there’s a trick to using the side of your knife to smash it and remove the peel, instead of buying minced garlic.  I resorted to bottled lime juice for this recipe’s short cut.

Next, I mashed the avocado meat in large bowl (but saved the pits) and left it a bit chunky.  Next I stirred in the lime juice, Texas Pete hot sauce, garlic and salt and pepper.

According to Caitlin, “avocado needs a decent amount of salt and the only way you really tell if it’s properly seasoned is to taste it. I usually season it once at this stage and then again at the end.”

Then I  stirred in chopped onions and Roma tomatoes and shredded cilantro.  After I combined the ingredients, I placed the pits in the bowl and covered them with the mixture to keep the guac from turning brown.  Even though guacamole will keep in the fridge a day or two, Caitlin highly recommends eating it the same day it’s made.

Guacamole with delicious garlic in the background.

Next, I moved to baking the chicken breasts with a l’il olive oil and salt and pepper.  While in the oven, I chopped onion and tomatoes on the vine and sliced Granny Smith apples for the quesadillas.  I also chopped the corn on the cob I had made earlier.  Once the chicken finished, I chopped it and mixed it with the two cheeses, tomatoes, and onion in a bowl.

Chopped ingredients: before the magic happens.

Then I poured that mixture on whole wheat tortillas, covered it with apples and more cheddar cheese, and folded them for baking in the oven four at a time on a cookie sheet.  I placed apple slices on top of the tortillas to weigh them down since toothpicks weren’t available.

Quesadillas 15 seconds of fame close-up

And voila!

My chicken apple quesadilla with salsa, sour cream, and green leaf lettuce.

Quesadilla dinner with homemade guacamole and pecan-caramel-chocolate chip cookies.

Overall, the quesadillas were good, but more cheese and a stronger contrasting cheese would have been better to use.  I also probably switch to use slices of red onion, instead of chopped yellow onion, and saute them first.  To heighten the flavor contrast next time, I might bake the chicken with a sweet barbecue sauce instead of olive oil.

Just for fun. 🙂

Thought for the week: “Whoever makes two ears of corn, or two blades of grass to grow where only one grew before, deserves better of mankind, and does more essential service to his country than the whole race of politicians put together”Jonathan Swift, 1667-1745


2 Responses to "Quesadillas & Guacamole"

Hot sauce in guacamole? Well, you were trying creative recipes. I prefer my guac with jalapeno (but don’t but a dry one! And wear gloves when chopping – trust me.), diced cilantro, onions, salt, lime juice, and tomatoes.

nice and looking yummy! love the corn at the end.

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