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Fish, Pork, Chicken and Plenty o’ Leftovers

Posted on: April 27, 2010

I hit the point last week where I was so busy with work that I didn’t have time to use the groceries I bought, let alone blog about food.  But that doesn’t mean I didn’t cook on the weekends!

The dish I made on Sunday, April 18 was Smoky Cod and Parsnip Chowder.  It is delicious, and I cut this particular recipe in half and still had enough for five servings.  I think I could have put in more cream than water, but I definitely put in more parsnip and potato than suggested.  I also used cod and tilapia, and none of it was smoky.

Soup veggies: potato, onion, parsnip and thyme (herb).

Complicated preparation steps for the soup required poaching the fish, then removing it, and two huge sauce pans in addition to a small pot. Lots of dish washing!

The chowder!

For soup, there’s usually a lot of simmering.  I thought to cook boneless ribs armed with instructions from my mom while I made the soup.  And it worked perfectly, so I had two dishes to eat during the week.  Cooking two dishes at once?  A marked improvement since January!

Boneless ribs

This past weekend, I was recovering from two weeks of a hectic workload.  Not feeling in the creative mood, I chopped some onion to saute with butter into a pan.  I added spiced chicken sausage (I can’t do pork sausage) and slices of red pepper.  On top of brown rice and with a side lettuce and black olive salad, I had an easy, simple Sunday dinner.

Chicken sausage and red bell pepper over rice

Spring view from my bedroom window.

Thought for the week: “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf


4 Responses to "Fish, Pork, Chicken and Plenty o’ Leftovers"

Brandon gave up parsnips for Lent. What a doof. ((Let’s see if he ever finds this post, mwahaha!))

Kudos on the two dishes! I was cooking with three pans simultaneously (with different sized burners) this weekend and it’s very hard to do – and I was only making two different foods for one meal!

Congrats are in order for successfully poaching the fish. I haven’t tried it yet because since I watched Julie & Julia I’ve been nervous about doing it. And then I mentioned it to Maier who then gave me two different ways to do it than the recipe he sent me which was even more confusing. So there is lots of admiration on my end for your fish poaching!

Poaching fish wasn’t too hard, actually. I had no idea that it was an accomplished culinary skill until you said something about it. And I guess there wasn’t time for me to be nervous because I was already knee-deep into the recipe by that step. I did go look up how to do it properly and found this explanation useful:

nice looking chowder darlin!

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