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Olympics and Stir Fry

Posted on: February 16, 2010

In light of the 2010 Winter Olympics, this weekend my menu celebrated international cuisine! (Disclaimer: none of my meals were inspired by Canada.) 

About the Olympics, I really enjoyed the artistic direction of the opening ceremony Friday night.  The way Vancouver used the center fabric and digital imagery like a theatrical production (Cirque du Soleil comes to mind) to create the illusion of skiing mountains and clouds and storms was very cool.  Monday night, the doubles skating dominated my attention, and it was beautiful.  (Side note: did anyone else find a few of the snowboarders and skiers cute?) 

But back to cooking and meals.  Saturday morning, I set up a birthday brunch at Oyamel for my friend Blaire.  Noted by OpenTable to be one of the most-reserved places in D.C., it’s in the posh Penn Quarter and has colorful butterflies hanging from the ceiling.   The Mexican tapas were delicious and portion sizes were for contenting appetites.  It was a fun time, despite the leftover snow and bus delays. 

For dinner on Saturday, I headed over to my friend Jacob’s house for a South Asian inspired vegetarian meal.  He did all the cooking, and reignited my curiosity about layering spices.  We had a lentil dish, a carrot dish with a tomato-based sauce and rice, served with “third world beer.”  To finish the meal, I turned down chocolate for kumquats – a fruit with enough personality (tart on the inside, sweet rind) to warrant this picture: 

Kumquat Fear (they're the little guys).


Sunday I took a break since I was so exhausted eating good food that other people made.  It was a day for contemplation. 

But Monday, I was back in the game and made stir fry all by myself!  Using a packet of Sun Bird seasoning, I threw some beef in a skillet and added whole peeled straw mushrooms, whole baby corn, green and red pepper, onion and broccoli.  I made some brown rice on the side.  It was delicious, just like how mom used to make it, although I think I should have added the vegetables sooner into the pan.  I forgot to add water chestnuts. 

Stir Frying


Beef stir fry with brown rice


My fortune cookie said, “In the end, you will have dignity.”  Encouraging, albeit the immediate outlook isn’t the best. 

Which, upon consideration, oh wise fortune cookie, is probably a true prediction.  Last fall, I boiled lots of eggs for lunches.  One night, I decided to make four eggs, but I forgot about the second set of two on the stovetop.  About 30 minutes later, I thought the burning smell was from my roommate’s hair dryer.  False.  The eggs had exploded all over the kitchen.  All water in the pot had evaporated.  I spent some time on the countertops scrubbing molten egg and flung windows and the front door open wide.  It’s fair to say it was probably my low point for cooking in 2009.  But from the ashes come champions

Borrowing from the Greeks not only for games, the thought for the week: “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates


3 Responses to "Olympics and Stir Fry"

Looks great, Kristen! Keep up the good work! I’ll get you a recipe for an Indian vegetarian lentil soup in a bit! xoxo, Megan

way to go kristen! celebrating the olympians with food is a terrific idea….these days with multi-cultural mixing of all things musical and foodical your menus are intriguing. esp like the photo of the kumquats! they make terrific marmalade and can be used in salads (sliced thinly) and fruit salads for an unusual accent. best wishes and have fun!

[…] Comment! Crockpot recipe #3 this weekend from a Williams-Sonoma cookbook, which meant I invested in lots of spices for a Morrocan dish.  (If anyone’s keeping up, I mentioned my spice-y intrigue two posts ago.)  […]

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