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A New Year’s Resolution

Posted on: January 5, 2010

I’m not much closer to the skilled cookery that I imagined my adult self could muster than when I was handed my diploma.  I’m beyond Hot Pockets (see Jim Gaffigan’s bit and followup), but not quite at the level of regular homecooked meals.

To the outside world, I pass as an adult.  I have a nose-to-the-grindstone job on Capitol Hill, an apartment in D.C., and a license that lets me into bars for the 21-and-older crowd.

I’d blame the lack of cooking skills on that time in middle school when I burned a home ec biscuit recipe and was told the house could have gone up in flames, but let’s face it, that was so last decade.  Time to face the spatula.

My New Year’s resolution is to cook at least one new dish a week, and write about it.  The flops, the successes, the utter disasters (which I hope won’t make a regular appearance) will go down here.  I hope to cook dishes that stretch my culinary muscles with more regularity in 2010.  I will try at all costs to cook at least one meal a weekend.

For starters, my first meal on Sunday was:

  • Appetizer: Salad with sunflower seeds
  • Main: Ribeye Steak
  • Side: Long-grain wild rice
  • Drink: Sierra Nevada beer

I cheated on this one and called my mom about preparing the steak.  Everything was great, but nothing challenged me about that meal.  I pushed my limits by making a marinade instead.  I placed about 5 chicken thighs into this marinade and grilled them last night on a Breville electric panini griller (which I learned requires some elbow grease to clean).

My dinner Monday night was:

I was impressed that the balsamic vinaigrette melded nicely with the soy sauce and mustard marinated chicken.  Salad dressings haven’t always worked out for me (i.e. avoid mixing cold oven-baked chicken into a salad with Trader Joe’s Goddess dressing).

This is my feeble attempt to stick to a plan.  I look forward to exploring my inner chef.  See you next week in my kitchen!


3 Responses to "A New Year’s Resolution"

Love it! Mmm delicious 🙂

Splendid idea Kristen! I look forward to following your blog this year and hearing about all of the wonderful attempts you make in the kitchen. Be sure to make some vegetarian/pescetarian dishes for us non-meat eaters out here 😉

Congrats on the blog. I will be reading. I hope you will be taking lots of photos of what you eat!

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